Monday, June 9, 2008

Creating your DATAONE connection

now after CPE configuration creat a network connection name DATAONE

click connect to the internet

select to configure your internet account mannualy

click connect using a broadband connection that uses username and password

now enter your BSNL ID provided by your bsnl eg..

and enter your password

click next and finishand your connection is ready to start

installing modem driver (bsnl broadband)

1. For using USP port your PC should have USB port. Connect USB cable to
Modem at one end and to PC at other end. Insert the driver CD supplied along
with CPE.
PPPoE User name configuration
DHCP / DNS relay
NAT / Firewall/ Filter etc.
2. Open the CD-ROM folder and go to ‘Driver’. Select and click on folder named as
your Operating system (i.e. For Windows OS select ‘Windows’).
3. Windows users can simply double click on ‘Setup’ and follow the wizard
instructions. Warnings can be ignored if any. The software will install the USB
driver and it will create one virtual ‘Local Area Connection’ adapter. The users of
Linux and Mac can refer to the installation procedure given on CD.
4. Configure the TCP/IP properties of this newly created virtual LAN adapter
instead of that of existing LAN adapter. For Win9.x, go to CONTROL PANEL ->
NETWORK and select ‘TCP->’see the Name of the wireless driver’ and click on
‘Properties’. Refer TCP/IP configuration given below in next section.
5. WIN XP/2000 users will get ‘Local Area Network 2’ created under Network
connections. Select the connection and right click on Properties to set the TCP
Properties. Refer TCP/IP configuration for Win XP given below.

for furthur detailed configuration on this topic click here

C2110 CPE Configuration

CPE Configuration
Nokia Seimens c2110 CPE configuration
(With this configuration, the third party PPPoE software installation is not required on
customer PC. Only TCP/IP address setting (As per above procedure) is required).
i. Open the browser and type the url
ii. Type username admin and password admin in login window.
iii. On left panel, click on Home-> Internet Configuration
iv. Locate the parameter Wan Type and select PPP.
v. On the right hand delete the PPP account
vi. It will take some time , wait . Then Click on new on right side and name it as PPPoE and you will find VCI setting as 38 change it to next.

vii. Then keep everythin unchanged just click next and select Brigded and ensure below LAN/STMP.

viii. click next keep every thin unchanged now click Admin click reboot . important check whether it is selected from last.

and you are done with modem configuration.

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TCP/IP CONFIGURATION for bsnl broadband

TCP/IP settings for Win9X
1. Go to Start-> Settings-> Control Panel-> Network to open the Network Control
2. Click on Configuration tab and search for the line containing TCP/IP. If more
than one adapter is installed, then look for the line TCP/IP -> ( Ethernet/USB
adapter name ). Select the line and click on properties.

3. Go to the IP Address tab and Check Specify an IP address and enter the IP
address and subnet mask
4. Go to Gateway tab and enter the gateway IP address
5. Go to the DNS configuration tab and enter Primery DNS as and
secondary DNS as
6. Click OK and restart the PC.

TCP/IP settings for Win XP/ 2000
1. Double click on Local Area Connection and select Properties.

3. Select ‘Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)’ and click on Properties.
2. Select ‘Use following IP address’and enter IP address, subnet
mask, Default gatway, Preferred DNS and
Alternate DNS as
3. Click OK.

for more configuration or advanced configuration of your modem

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